Where humans fail, bots prevail: Solidefi to provide AI-based Trading Solutions

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USAAug 18 2022Blockchain Wire
Where humans fail, bots prevail: Solidefi to provide AI-based Trading Solutions

The highly volatile nature of cryptocurrency calls for a steady solution. Enter Solidefi – a tech company that aims to help users grow their crypto investments using a feature-rich terminal and reliable automated bots that operates across major exchanges, regardless of market volatility. The team behind Solidefi comprises of a group of dedicated developers, traders and analysts that are well-versed with blockchain technology and crypto industry. 

Solidefi’s strategy is built on arbitrage bots that examine prices across exchanges and make trades by taking advantage of discrepancies between each exchange. As cryptocurrencies are typically priced differently across exchanges due to time lags and other reasons, oftentimes, only bots will be fast enough to make use of these price discrepancies, especially to profit from exchanges that are delayed (if even slightly) in updating their prices. 

With Solidefi’s Hamburger Bot SD -3022 version 1.0’s recent release, users have been enjoying several advantages over simply trading on their own. Firstly, their bots have potential for greater performance which outranks even the most intelligent human minds. Secondly, as bots do not sleep, they can automatically conduct trades when a certain level has been attained, at anytime of the day. Thirdly, bots are completely emotionless yet still recognize the importance of a wide range of market events. This makes them unattached to their positions and they can hence make the objectively best decisions. Finally, bots have potential for immense scalability due to the speed at which they conduct trades and sift through risk factors. This is on top of the many other benefits bots naturally have such as longevity, automation and diversification.

As trading markets evolve with technology, we have to be increasingly innovative to stay ahead. This is where bots can fill in gaps where humans cannot.

Trading bots have already been assisting humans to earn millions of dollars by using the “Front-run trading” technique. “Front-run trading” refers to a process in which a bot is programmed to identify when another trader is attempting to purchase a crypto asset on a blockchain.

The bot then places an order on the same token so that it can complete the transaction first and drive the asset’s price up. The bot then ends off by selling the token to the original trader at the higher price.

The Solidefi team has mapped out a clear plan for the direction of the offering, and it will bring crypto trading to a whole new level, raising competition and giving users ways to profit even more. Solidefi is expected to launch a newer and upgraded version of its Hamburger Bot in Q1 2023.

Website: https://www.solidefi.global/
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