Web3 Metaverse Innovations Develop CryptoVillages

Web3 Metaverse Innovations Develop CryptoVillages

Web3 Metaverse Innovations Pty Ltd (Web3-MI), Australian-based cryptocurrency consultancy group, is spearheading the development of the play-to-earn game CryptoVillages. Web3-MI is a leading GameFi ecosystem development firm whose newest project has the potential to forever change the space. CryptoVillages combines elements of click-to-earn with multiple elements of massively-multiplayer-online gaming, including Player vs Player (PvP), Player vs Monster (PvM) and Player vs Environment (PvE). Furthermore, they have incorporated passive income investment opportunities for those looking to get involved with the project, without having to play the game.

CryptoVillages provides an opportunity for investors and players alike to get involved in cryptogaming in a safe and family-friendly environment. As a company with extensive knowledge in all things GameFi, Web3-MI understands that nefarious characters and poor-quality products have created a sense of distrust in the space and promote responsible investing and honesty above all else. With a team that is fully doxed and all localized within Australia, those looking to participate in CryptoVillages can do so with the comfort that their money is protected.

Web3-MI focuses on the creation of innovative designs that excite and fascinate, with passive income buildings their latest flagship design. Within the CryptoVillages game, early adopters of the project were able to purchase a particular class of building, the ‘Stakeholder Building’. Those lucky enough to have found the project early enough to have invested in one of these NFTs now permanently receives passive income from in-game marketplace activity. Whether they’re buying/selling in-game buildings, relics, food, resources, or rare items, 1.5% of all player exchanges are distributed amongst holders. Unfortunately for those late to the project, this was a one-time sale and the team have vowed that those original positions will never be diluted. However, these buildings can be sold on the marketplace. For the keen observer, there may be future opportunities to purchase these from other players.

Regarding the current progress of the CryptoVillages project, Web3-MI CEO Dr. Mitchell Wright said, “The early adoption of CryptoVillages has been phenomenal to say the least. We boast one of the strongest and most united communities, and our members who have invested could not be happier that they have joined us on this journey”.

Given that at the time of writing this article, BNB has dropped by over 58% in 2022 alone, we asked Dr. Wright how the proverbial ‘bear winter’ has affected the viability of his game. His response surprised us. “Both myself and our analysts had predicted a massive price adjustment well over six months ago. We theorized that during COVID, many households that were unable to holiday or enjoy themselves while locked down, turned to cryptocurrency as a temporary hobby to pass the time. He continued, “Given that around the beginning of 2022 the world was reopening post-pandemic, many of these investors would likely look to withdraw from the market and enjoy life again. As such, we used the stablecoin BUSD for our presales to prevent any effects on capital in this turbulent and uncertain period for crypto.”

About CryptoVillages:

CryptoVillages is a play-to-earn game where you build an empire and amass an army to earn real-world rewards. Enter the realm of Cryptopia and experience play-to-earn gaming like you’ve never seen before! Whether building your village, defending the lands against evil, or engaging in PvP combat, CryptoVillages has something on offer for all gamers.

About Web3 Metaverse Innovations Pty Ltd:

Web3 Metaverse Innovations Pty Ltd is an Australian-based company that provides consulting services to cryptocurrency projects, particularly in the GameFi sector. Founded in 2022 by CEO Dr. Mitchell Wright, Web3-MI collaborates with both domestic and international clientele and strives to become one of the leading firms in the space worldwide.

To read more about CryptoVillages:

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