URANO Ecosystem: Revolutionizing Crypto Investments and Entertainment with Real-World Collateral

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URANO Ecosystem: Revolutionizing Crypto Investments and Entertainment with Real-World Collateral

URANO Ecosystem, a leading crypto project, is proud to unveil its groundbreaking platform that combines crypto investments and entertainment within a comprehensive ecosystem. Backed by a Swiss company with a paid-up capital of 100,000 CHF and a proven track record, URANO aims to provide investors with a secure and rewarding experience like never before.

URANO Ecosystem stands out by offering a unique proposition – a digital asset with collateral in the real world. This provides investors with an added layer of security and stability. The project has relied on industry professionals, who have borne the development costs out of their own pocket before the private sale, showcasing their commitment to the success of URANO.

Here are the key reasons why investing in the URANO Ecosystem is a wise choice:

  • CertiK Security Audit: URANO has undergone a rigorous security audit by CertiK, a renowned blockchain security company. This audit covers the ecosystem's three main smart contracts, including URANO tokens, URANO staking, and FFT (Financial Fungible Tokens). The comprehensive audit ensures that the platform is secure and reliable for investors.
  • Advantageous Purchase Conditions: Investors can participate in the private sale of URANO tokens, offering immediate bonuses. These tokens have a short vesting period, with a 100% release of purchased URANO tokens within just 18 months after the launch. This enables investors to unlock the full potential of their investments quickly.
  • Stacking Hubs for Passive Income: URANO offers stacking hubs that serve as true generators of URANO tokens. Investors can benefit from a daily flow of immediately downloadable tokens, with a total token yield of +411% over a five-year period. The interest earned can also be reinvested into staking, compounding the total APY of the operation.
  • Secure Staking and NFT Stacking Boosters: URANO provides a smart contract for staking unlocked URANO tokens, ensuring a safe and decentralized process. Investors can enjoy a basic yield of up to 32% APR, with various blocking periods available. Additionally, URANO NFT stacking boosters increase the stacking APR by up to +400%, providing additional advantages for investors.
  • Established Development and Marketing Budget: URANO has already allocated substantial funds for development and marketing. The private sale collection is exclusively dedicated to enhancing the already extensive marketing plan and ecosystem development. This ensures ongoing growth and widespread adoption of the URANO platform.
  • Controlled Selling Pressure and Organic Asset Price Increase: URANO has strategically planned the token distribution to avoid excessive selling pressure at launch. By offering only staking hubs and gradually releasing private sale tokens, URANO aims to establish a solid price floor and create buying pressure higher than selling pressure. Strong marketing actions and partnerships with primary CEX investors further facilitate organic, linear asset price increases.
  • Comprehensive URANO Ecosystem Components: URANO comprises two macro areas – URANO Financial and URANO Entertainment. URANO Financial offers passive annuities through ordinary staking and stacking hubs, introduces FFTs for financing specific projects, and includes a financial launchpad for tokenizing traditional assets. URANO Entertainment features MetaVersus TV, a tokenized advertising agency, MetaVerse, and Space Shopping, an e-commerce platform within the metaverse.
  • Sustainable and Green Initiatives: URANO is dedicated to environmental sustainability and rewards users with green points for every transaction made on the URANO exchange. Users accumulating a certain score will receive NFT green certificates, certifying their contribution to reducing global CO2 emissions. URANO also supports the financing of green projects and acts as a business angel for real-world investments.

URANO Ecosystem is poised to revolutionize the crypto space by offering a comprehensive platform that combines crypto investments, entertainment, and sustainable initiatives. With real-world collateral, unique features, and a strong development and marketing budget, URANO provides investors with a secure and rewarding experience. To learn more about the URANO Ecosystem and participate in its private sale, visit the official website at https://urano.finance/.

About URANO Ecosystem

URANO Ecosystem is a leading crypto project that aims to revolutionize crypto investments and entertainment. With a Swiss company backing and a team of industry professionals, URANO offers a comprehensive suite of products and services, including stacking hubs, financial fungible tokens, a financial launchpad, metaverse TV, a tokenized advertising agency, and more. URANO prioritizes security, sustainability, and investor satisfaction in its mission to create a robust ecosystem for the crypto community.

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The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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