Tradecraft Capital Announces Michael Terpin as New GP and Strategic Advisor

AUSTIN, TEXASSep 06 2022Blockchain Wire
Tradecraft Capital Announces Michael Terpin as New GP and Strategic Advisor

Tradecraft Capital reports a new member of the General Partner and Strategic Advisor in Michael Terpin, CEO of Transform Group, serial entrepreneur and investor. Recognized as one of the “Top 100 People in Blockchain” by CoinTelegraph, Terpin is a natural fit for Tradecraft, which focuses on blockchain technology investments via crypto assets.

“Michael Terpin has been in this space for over a decade and is one of the experienced, original blockchain luminaries. He brings not only his knowledge but also his extraordinary network.” said Tradecraft Capital Chief Investment Officer, Jake Ryan. “His experience as well as exposure and access to crypto projects and teams—especially those before public offering—will be a key advantage for us.”

As a member of the General Partner, Terpin will assist in analyzing opportunities and advise regarding capital allocation to such. In addition, his role as Strategic Advisor will be a boon to senior management’s evaluation of current and future strategies. 

Terpin notes, “There are many investment managers out there, but Tradecraft’s Age of Autonomy Thesis, focus on core technologies and conservative-but-proven investment strategy is unique in this space. I’m excited to be able to contribute to their already strong foundation of success.”

This close relationship aims to maximize, maintain and improve Tradecraft Capital’s financial flexibility and overall market positioning. In addition, this guidance and partnership promises to unlock novel and mutually beneficial investment opportunities. 

About Michael Terpin:

Michael Terpin is a blockchain investor through his family office, Transform Capital, and the founder and CEO of Transform Group, a global communications, blockchain advisory and investor events firm that has served more than 300 blockchain companies, including more than 60 percent of the CoinMarketCap 100.  Terpin also co-founded BitAngels, the world’s first angel investor network for digital currency startups, in May 2013, which has expanded to 15 city chapters. Previously, Terpin founded Marketwire (now Globe Newswire), one of the world’s largest company newswires, and he now serves as chairman of First Block, a media distribution company that owns Blockchain Wire.

About Tradecraft Capital:

Tradecraft Capital is an asset manager focused on investments in blockchain technology directly via crypto assets, making the investments akin to venture investing but with the benefits of liquidity. They refer to this as “Liquid Venture.”  Tradecraft is guided by an overarching investment thesis driving the next long-wave economic cycle, the Age of Autonomy™. For more, see

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