The Silent DAG Platform That Builds High-Utility dApps

The Silent DAG Platform That Builds High-Utility dApps

( -- UBIX.Network, a highly performant DAG platform, is in constant search of new niches that are best fit to benefit from the power of decentralized technologies. That’s due to the platform delivering high-utility value services tailored for the use by most people around the world and not just a secluded group of crypto-maximalists. 

Although UBIX.Network still remains in the shadows compared to bigger decentralized platforms, it has been successful in supplying users with several top-notch services. Their main objective is to free users of hurdles that plague their everyday life. These are centralization, which is indeed excessive, high transaction costs, intermediaries and a lack of a pleasant user experience. 

To rid everyone of centralization, UBIX.Network developed the Silent Notary, which is the world's first Web3 notary. It provides the solution that makes evidence verifiable, traceable and immutable. The service eliminates the need for some centralized Legal Tech apps with servers that can easily be manipulated. Silent Notary is used by both ordinary users and corporate clients such as Langia, TestedWeb and Accelerator Group. 

To issue users’ own tokens for free, UBIX.Network recently released 4Tokens, which is a no-code tokenization platform. Thanks to its launch, the tokenization of numerous existing business models has been made much easier. Besides this, it also contributes to the set-up of new businesses that are much easier to develop and monetize with the help of cost-free tokenization and further listing of tokens on the UBIX.Network’s own exchange. 

To eliminate intermediaries in task performers search, UBIX.Network developed CrowdFeeding, which is a decentralized gig aggregator platform. With its help, employers can place tasks, wait for an employee to perform them, and settle the payment all in one window. The service is already in high demand from small companies. It offers a convenient solution to one of the key problems they face, which is to quickly find the required task performers. 

Lately, to remove the need to remember long wallet addresses, UBIX.Network will soon introduce Ubixpay, which is a lightweight wallet currently in the testing stage. It will provide users with the opportunity to send and receive payments via one of their Social Media IDs. It basically means that users will no longer need to remember long wallet addresses composed of numbers and letters. Instead, transfers will be made possible via Instagram, Twitter or Telegram IDs.

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