The Paradox Metaverse to Bring NFT Staking with $PARA Coin in Latest P2E Game

LONDONAug 16 2022Blockchain Wire
The Paradox Metaverse to Bring NFT Staking with $PARA Coin in Latest P2E Game

Paradox Studios latest P2E Game based on blockchain, The Paradox Metaverse will facilitate NFT Staking with $Para Coin inside the game. One of the primary methods by which players could earn within the game would be through Staking their NFTs or $PARA Coin. Players will be able to utilise their NFT collection and accrued $PARA Coin in order to earn a passive income. 

The company announced that the Staking in the game will work in a similar method as it works in the real world where interests are provided to the depositors however in the game, the rewards will be offered in the crypto which has more control from a player’s perspective.  

Players can stake any amount of their $PARA by locking it up as P-Save for a period that can range from 28 days all the way up to 2,888 days. As such, the player's stake will continue to accrue rewards each day, and the amount yielded will depend on the length of time a stake lasts, with those who save for longer getting even more rewards as a result. 

The game will also allow the players to offer their NFT characters to the other players which will help in generating a passive income for the NFT holder. Allowing others to pay you to use your NFT character to earn while they're playing the game, allowing the NFT holders to earn passive income with a 50/50 Split on Play and Earn rewards, when not using their NFTs as there's a limited supply of character NFTs.

In addition to this players can also stake their NFT characters and these can also be locked up for periods of time ranging from 28 days to 2,888 days. However it is important to note that NFT characters that are being staked are not usable in game concurrently and cannot be used to earn within the game whilst in a staking period. 

Paradox Metaverse is ready to play Q4. 

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