The next steps towards a big future - Petoverse takes the next step by expanding into ATLAS, an all in one platform for cryptocurrency consumers

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The next steps towards a big future - Petoverse takes the next step by expanding into ATLAS, an all in one platform for cryptocurrency consumers

As the market continues to fluctuate throughout the months, the Petoverse team has devised a plan to re-innovate the project into something bigger. 

  • The team introduces changes that will ultimately prepare the foundation for their expansion. 

  • Transitioning to a V2 of the native $PETO token will come with a series of changes – details of which will be shared by the team.

  • Introducing V2 will ultimately help the project become a household within the cryptocurrency space. 

Petoverse shocked the crypto community with its widely successful presale and launch. Garnering over 3000 BNB in its Fairlaunch presale alone, investors could tell the potential of the project from the get-go. Even as a new project that launch in late April, Petoverse survived and continues to survive the bleeding market. 

However, as the tides are changing in the market, innovation is needed to ensure the longevity of the project. The team plans to implement a few changes to iron out the project and prepare the foundation for its new expansion – ATLAS. 

The current holders and new investors can expect a few cosmetic changes that will prepare the foundation for something ground-breaking. As Petoverse enters its 4th month in the space, the team has detected a few errors that needed to be fixed in order to implement a safer way of investing. These changes include the enhancement of contract coding, the increase of outward appeal of Petoverse, the enhancement of security within the contract, the removal of unassociated wallets, the enhancement of supply logistics, the restructuring of features, the reframing of earning structure, and a fresh chart. 

The next question to be answered is, what exactly is ATLAS?

After introducing ATLAS, the Petoverse team kept their audience on their toes by unveiling a new all-in-one application. It aims to serve as a secure platform for investments, an application that allows investors to invest anytime and anywhere, a source of passive income, and a social media platform for cryptocurrency consumers. 

The distribution of assets will take place directly through the ATLAS Dashboard in the new website. Current holders will be able to swap their $PETO tokens into $ATLAS tokens. The amount of $ATLAS tokens in relation to $PETO is 1:1, which means that if holders have a current value in $PETO of $5,000 BUSD then they are to receive the same value. However, the amount of $ATLAS tokens is in accordance with launch price and the initial supply. Trade will be disabled on August 12th at 4 UTC. Users will have several days to submit their tokens. If they are unable to within the allotted time period, then they can migrate afterwards. Users who migrate within the allotted time period will have a two-day period to claim their token before $ATLAS publicly launches. If they do not claim then, then they will still be able to afterwards. 

As a part of the rebranding, the team will host an open launch on PinkSale for the new and improved $ATLAS token, with the funds contributing directly to the starting liquidity pool. The presale link will be available from August 12th at 15 UTC and will open on August 19th at 15 UTC. Also, all $PETO tokens submitted for migration will be sold to acquire additional BNB for liquidity. Thus, launch price depends upon the final BNB amount raised and after users have submitted their $PETO. PinkSale funds raised are 80% to liquidity, 20% to BNB. Further, the team will host several incentives for fair-launch contributions. 

1.Loyalty Boost

If presale buyers of the original $PETO Token, who have NEVER sold, contributes at least 0.5 BNB, then they will receive $100 BUSD worth of ATLAS Tokens (to be distributed 24 hours after launch). 

2. Welcome Back

All presale buyers of Original PETO token are eligible to receive an extra 10% of their ATLAS token amount bought during presale (to be distributed 24 hours after launch with a minimum contribution of 0.5 BNB).

3.Newcomer Incentive

Every contribution of 0.5 BNB will be eligible for a raffle with a chance to win a 1 BNB reward. 10 winners to be chosen! (0.5 BNB = 1 entry, 1 BNB = 2 entries, 3 BNB = 6 entries, 5 BNB = 10 entries)

4.Early Explorers

Every contributor of at least 0.5 BNB, before 500 BNB is raised, will receive 10% of their BNB contribution back (to be distributed 24 hours after launch)!

5.Treasure Chest

Every contributor of 5 BNB or more will be eligible for a raffle with a chance to win a 5 BNB reward. 3 winners will be chosen! (1 entry per wallet and the reward will be distributed 24 hours after launch)

6.Whale Advantage

VIP group members will receive an additional 5% of tokens to their total $ATLAS amounts for migration (minimum holding for VIP entry is 10,000 $PETO). 


Network: BSC

Symbol: $ATLAS

Liquidity Pairing: BNB

Starting Supply: 10,000,000

Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000

Presale Start Date: August 19th, 2022

Presale End Date: August 23rd, 2022

Launch Price: TBD


— Buy 5%

Liquidity 2%

Inferno Pit 3%

AIF (Atlas Insurance Fund) 0%

Treasury 0%

— Sell 15%

Liquidity 3%

Inferno Pit 3%

AIF (Atlas Insurance Fund) 4%

Treasury 5%


1. Atlas Rebase Engine: 10,000% APY | 500% Value Boost

Our innovative rebase protocol and value boost algorithm are designed to ensure that the ATLAS contract continually benefits long term investors.

2.Anti-Dump Mechanism

With this mechanism in place, holders’ investments are protected by eliminating massive dumps by ensuring that users are only able to sell a capped amount of $ATLAS in relation to their holdings daily.

3.Atlas Insurance Fund

4% of all transactions are safeguarded by the Atlas Insurance Fund (AIF), which is designated to ensure the constant stability of prices and investments held as the project continues

4.Inferno Pit

With 3% of token taxes accrued from transactions being burned in our Inferno Pit and the auto-compounding that these tokens undergo, any inflationary issues are thoroughly counteracted.


The Atlas Vault provides investors with an additional mode of earning extra tokens on a daily basis. The more you hold, the more you claim.

Vault Logic:

- Daily rewards production max 1% to vault from total supply.

- Distribution to holders, depends on how much percentage of tokens they hold.

- Claim every 24 hours. If it is unclaimed, it will not accumulate, so users need to claim daily.

- If holders buy again, the claim timer will reset to 24 hours again as their holdings increase.


ATLAS will introduce several yield farms with different fixed APY options. Allowing holders to stake their tokens for added gains. Staked assets will receive rebase from both the farm & contract protocols.

A new domain and design for the main project website will be introduced on August 12th at 9 UTC, here users will be able to find the newly created dashboard as well as links to our rebranded socials. 

The ATLAS presale will open on August 19th and will end on the 23rd! A massive marketing campaign is in the mix for this super bullish presale. The marketing campaign will be executed with AMAs (Ask me Anything sessions) to keep up the hype and keep old and new investors informed throughout the process with big names and massive influencers with over 50 million followers ready to promote the project, everyone is holding their breath for the possible birth of a superstar project. 

Joicelyn Anne

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