SuperFriends Introduces $FRIENDS Token: Empowering Friendship in the Crypto Community

DUBAI, UAE Jul 14 2023Blockchain Wire
SuperFriends Introduces $FRIENDS Token: Empowering Friendship in the Crypto Community

SuperFriends, a global collective of passionate crypto enthusiasts, is thrilled to announce the launch of their community-driven crypto project, SuperFriends ($FRIENDS). With a shared vision of spreading friendship and positivity throughout the crypto space, SuperFriends aims to create a vibrant and supportive community for investors and enthusiasts alike.

Inspired by their own multinational friendship group, SuperFriends came together through various crypto Telegram groups, forming strong bonds over their shared passion for cryptocurrencies. Motivated by their curiosity and dreams for the future of the crypto industry, they embarked on an exciting venture to create their very own memetoken, $FRIENDS.

SuperFriends harnessed their collective expertise and creativity to develop $FRIENDS, a token that encapsulates the essence of their friendship and positive spirit. Beyond being just a crypto project, $FRIENDS represents unity, a fun and caring community atmosphere, and mutual support. This unique token symbolizes the best qualities of the human spirit and reflects the ongoing mission of SuperFriends to promote friendship across the globe.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies, SuperFriends' $FRIENDS token empowers its holders by involving them in the decision-making process and project development. The SuperFriends community will play a crucial role in shaping the future of the project, resulting in a high level of engagement, increased adoption, and potential value appreciation for the token.

"We believe that community is the backbone of any successful cryptocurrency project," said Eric Quantum, CEO of SuperFriends. "With SuperFriends and our $FRIENDS token, we aim to not only provide an exciting investment opportunity but also create a welcoming and supportive environment for our community members. We want to connect like-minded individuals from all over the world, foster positive relationships, and promote the spirit of friendship within the crypto space. We are going to add soon utility to the project with the incoming staking and thanks to our unmatched team made of business experienced men and also very young ones, from different countries and business sectors, the project is enriched every day due to the constant dedication of all the members in making $FRIENDS a life-changing token.”

Community-driven cryptocurrencies have gained significant popularity in recent years due to their decentralized nature and growth potential. SuperFriends recognizes the importance of a strong and supportive community in the success of their token. By investing in SuperFriends, individuals not only gain exposure to a promising digital asset but also become part of a vibrant community that encourages innovation, sharing of ideas, and mutual support.


Name: SuperFriends

Ticker: $FRIENDS

Network: BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain)

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $FRIIENDS

The SuperFriends $FRIENDS token has a total supply of 100 million, with 50% allocated for the fair launch, 26% for liquidity, 10% for staking, 10% for potential CEX listings, and 4% reserved for future developments. This well-balanced token distribution ensures a fair and sustainable ecosystem for the SuperFriends community, promoting liquidity, engagement, and growth opportunities for token holders.

  • Buy Tax: 4% (2% Reflections, 1% LP/Buybacks/Burns, 1% Marketing)
  • Sell Tax: 6% (2% Reflections, 1% LP/Buybacks/Burns, 1% Team, 2% Marketing)

SuperFriends has carefully designed its tokenomics to create a fair and sustainable ecosystem for its community. With each transaction, a portion contributes to reflections for holders, liquidity pool maintenance, buybacks, burns, marketing initiatives, and team operations. This comprehensive structure ensures the long-term viability and growth potential of the $FRIENDS token.

SuperFriends invites everyone to join their ever-growing community and become a part of a vibrant network that fosters positivity, innovation, and friendship within the crypto space. To learn more about SuperFriends and their $FRIENDS token, please visit their official website at, or follow them on TwitterTelegram, and TikTok.

About SuperFriends

SuperFriends is a community-driven cryptocurrency project founded by a diverse group of passionate crypto enthusiasts from around the globe. The project aims to foster friendship, unity, and positive engagement within the crypto space. Through the innovative $FRIENDS token, SuperFriends is creating a supportive community that embraces investors, encourages innovation, and promotes the proliferation of positive connections.

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The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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