SUPER team will hold the first FAM China offline meeting for PEOPLE TOP in late September

SHENZHEN,CHINASep 12 2022Blockchain Wire
SUPER team will hold the first FAM China offline meeting for PEOPLE TOP in late September

The SUPER team announced that it would hold the first FAM China offline meeting at the end of September, making full preparations for opening IDO worldwide in early October.

Blockchain technology has become a trend internationally in recent years, attracting many funds and entrepreneurs. They hope to break down industrial barriers and build a decentralized business world without national boundaries through blockchain technology. After exploring the market accurately, SUPER first adopted DeFi3.0 technology and a unique automatic compound interest algorithm, which made it stand out among many products and had a number of loyal users. In order to better realize the synchronization between traffic closed loop and technology, and to solve the single technical problem, SUPER team decided to move towards the direction of super public chain, so as to seize the application field of WEB3.0, and provide all-round support for WEB3.0, such as technical infrastructure, ecological counseling, application interface, traffic bearing tools, trading platform, etc., to help WEB3.0 achieve ecological sustainable development.

During this period, SUPER team will cooperate with a number of large organizations and charitable organizations to launch its 2.0 stage: PEOPLE TOP, which uses new economic models such as compound interest reduction, deflation destruction and NFT appreciation, and is managed and operated by PEOPLE DAO. Compared with the traditional DAO, PEOPLE DAO does not simply use codes to set rules, but uses new functions such as online voting, equity dividends, election ranking, contribution screening, etc. In addition, PEOPLE DAO has put forward a new concept of "gradual decentralization" and established a cultural center FAM, which provides all-round guidance from the perspective of human nature. This can't be replaced by code. DAO must do this if it wants to build its own brand and cohesion.

Throughout history, people have not kept repeating the centralization and decentralization of power, but have sought more fair and reasonable public participation. The continuous awakening of human beings will surely make the distribution of social wealth truly transcend class and return to the hands of the people. "PEOPLE TOP" chants the slogan of "people first", and has been adhering to the tenet of "everyone for all " for many years, step by step towards this grand goal. It is not only a platform of financial ecology or blockchain, but also a collection of ideas and values, and a diversified, coordinated and diversified development model.




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