SID Limited (SID) expands into Asia by partnering with Novum Capital Ltd (Novum)

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SID Limited (SID) expands into Asia by partnering with Novum Capital Ltd (Novum)

SID is expanding its reach into Asia, starting with Singapore. We couldn't have partnered up with a better company than Novum who through Novum Capital seed-funded, amongst others, the innovative token/cryptocurrency exchange called COINJAX,

As part of the Agreement, Novum will support SID token sales in Asia and post the Initial Token Sale (ITO) it will also assist in listing, in due-course, the SID Tokens on the COINJAX exchange.

We at SID believe the time is ripe to expand into Asia, as in our view it´s becoming the hotspot of creative innovation and potentially the new global hub for future fundraising to grow the business beyond this initial seed phase.

"The current bearish market is not for the faint-hearted but for those who have done their homework and have focused from the start on the traditional basic business needs, be it in the cryptocurrency / blockchain space or any good old traditional business as the fundamentals don´t change." Says Mr. Jose Merino, Chairman of SID Limited.

A bearish market creates an opportunity for consolidation through M&A for those who implemented the fundamentals, like SID, of having an experienced team, IPR protection of its core technology, have commercial product releases, both with its own brand and inside the App of 3rdparty major brands like Dunkin Coffee in Spain.

The information gained from such trials has enabled SID to both refine the product and also work with the merchants to understand how the product can be used to drive future top-line revenue and bottom-line impact for the merchant.

Mr. Christopher Low, Chairman of Novum Capital states "I have seen many M&A or Partnership deals over the years and seen how this can lead to progressive technology moving faster if a deal brings all these ingredients together; namely the technology, the Intellectual Property Rights, a product, the financing and the go to market opportunity that may be slower if acting as a standalone company."

About SID Limited:

SID Limited is a tech start-up created to boost the global internet connectivity with its already developed innovative technology, Stellar blockchain based, which gives users a simple and efficient way to share crowd-sourced internet access.

Contact for SID Limited: 

[email protected]

About Novum Capital Ltd:

Novum Capital is a technology consulting and investment firm with a strong emphasis in blockchain technologies. Headquartered in Singapore, it has offices in the region such as Malaysia and Vietnam. Novum has helped raised millions of dollars for clients through Token Generation Events as well  as having a strong network of investors.


[email protected]

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