Shibet emerges as a new way of wagering gaming house on Shibarium.

OSAKA, JAPAN Mar 27 2023Blockchain Wire
Shibet emerges as a new way of wagering gaming house on Shibarium.

In the latest development, Shibet brings the opportunity to experience the future of wagering on Shibarium. Shibet’s mission is to bring this revolutionary wagering technology to the world and make it universally accessible. The platform has a vision of entering the fastest-growing Shibarium ecosystem in the world and ultimately becoming the first platform that enables real-time wagering on Shiarium.

The platform offers a state of art wagering experience and boasts a wide selection of cutting-edge games that provides the players with the exceptional odds possible. There are a variety of games offered by the Shibet, such as unique gaming house games, so whether the individuals are seasoned wagers or usual players, this platform offers exceptional services with its amazing features. In its advanced statistics, the platform offers a unique, unparalleled experience for players, which highlights its advanced statistics and analytics capabilities as well.

Shibet’s innovative token, $SBET, is emerging as a gaming house token that revolutionizes the wagering world in the Shibarium ecosystem. The revolutionized token provides a gaming house utility where all $SBET and $SHIB depositors get free deposits and withdrawals. $SBET token holders get access to exclusive games with no in-house edge. In addition, Shibet is becoming a more trendy online gaming house while using $SBET as a utility on the platform.  

The platform strives to make it simple for both non-native and crypto-native players to deposit and wager by implementing an easy and convenient process for users to add funds to their accounts and begin playing their favorite games. 

  • Create an account - First, the players can create an account by utilizing a native crypto wallet and signing transactions. The users can sign up with their email and a username.

  • Deposits their Funds - The users can deposit onto the Shibet website using $SBET for 0% fees.

  • Start Winning - When the users get their funds, then they are enabled to play online games. The platform offers a wide range of games as well as custom $SBET games.

Furthermore, the Shibet gaming platform gives the opportunity of leaderboard tournaments where 3 players at the same time can play the games and compete with each other. The platform offers PvP wagering game modes in leaderboard tournaments where the players can directly compete with others. Also, the platform provides transparent odds on each game, which helps to assess the risks and odds for users. In the leaderboard, the tournament live PnL chart tracks the players while playing the games.

About Shibet:

Shibet is an online wagering platform that revolutionizes the wagering world on the Shibarium ecosystem, which offers a full range of gaming house services and features. The platform is the new home for crypto wagers looking for an easy-to-use platform with many options, including match odds, tournament games, and live gaming club games.

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