Secure Trading’s payment gateway and merchant acquiring arm taken on by Twin Peaks Hospitality, a Dutch hotel and restaurant group

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Secure Trading’s payment gateway and merchant acquiring arm taken on by Twin Peaks Hospitality, a Dutch hotel and restaurant group

Secure Trading Group announced a major new European hospitality client.Twin Peaks Hospitality, which owns Hotel Beaumont a four-star deluxe boutique hotel,Hotel The Dutch a three-star lifestyle hotel and Harry’s Restaurant a famous international Brasserie in Maastricht, the Netherlands. The hospitality chain will enjoy a number of services from Secure Trading/, including a payment gateway which has experienced no downtime in the past 18 years, and an internationally-focused merchant account perfect for taking payments from a global customer base.

The introduction between the two companies was made by Guestline, Secure Trading’s long-standing partner within the hospitality industry. The relationship between ST and Twin Peaks is especially significant as Twin Peaks Hospitality will be the first merchant to go live with local payment method iDeal, a popular payment system in the Netherlands.

“Through Guestline we have been powering payments within the hospitality sector for 13 years. During this time, we’ve developed learnt which payment solutions hotels and restaurants need to drive their business in the right direction,” Sarah Abernethy, Director of Account Management - Bangor at Secure Trading said. “Thanks to our integrated gateway and acquiring payment ecosystem, Twin Peaks Hospitality will enjoy the full impact of our flexible, international payment solutions, meanwhile having a single point of contact for all of their payment queries.”

Jean-Marc Beaumont, Co- Founder of Twin Peaks Hospitality added: “We have guests from both the Netherlands and abroad, so it’s essential that we have the correct tools to allow our customers to pay quickly and conveniently, no matter where in the world they are. Secure Trading andacquiring.comhave the internationality that we require thanks to their partnerships with a number of local payments methods, which provide details and prices in our guests’ home currencies and languages.  Thanks to ST PayMe services we can process iDeal Payments as an additional payment method for our Clients.”

Notes for the Editor:

About Secure Trading Group

Secure Trading, and Secure Trading USA form Secure Trading Group, which provides intelligent payment gateway and merchant acquiring solutions across a number of verticals. The group’s specialised approach to global, online and omnichannel payments is transforming the way that customers and partners interact. All three have their own unique identity, yet collaborate creatively to provide first-class solutions, exclusively tailored to the needs of our clients. The defining traits that unite the three companies are vast future-proof product portfolios, international offering, specialist expertise, and pro-active relationships with partners and clients. We have a strong internal team culture of client and partner first. Powering Payments … Powering Commerce.

About Twin Peaks Hospitality

Comfort that embraces. Style defined by substance. Original design that evokes a genuine reaction. These are the brands of Twin Peaks Hospitality. For today's traveller with a distinctive taste and confident attitude. While each has a language all its own, they are united by a strong sense of place and a commitment in providing meaningful and personalized services.

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