Secure Trading and chosen by for integrated gateway and acquiring services

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Secure Trading and chosen by for integrated gateway and acquiring services

Secure Trading  and their merchant acquiring arm have been taken on by online horse racing tips powerhouse to provide payment gateway and merchant services for online memberships. With a community of over 79,000 members who enjoy daily researched horse racing insight, were looking for a gateway and acquiring provider to help them handle their repeat payment subscription engine for monthly and annual membership packages. 

Secure Trading/ worked closely with the team at to assess their goals and devise a payments strategy that will help them to achieve these. A major advantage of Secure Trading’s gateway was the WooCommerce plug-in that they were able to offer for recurring payment functionality.

“Secure Trading’s payment services came highly recommended to us through contacts from the gaming industry who have enjoyed the reliability and flexibility of Secure Trading’s integrated payment system in the past,” Kirsty Jones, MD at said. “In order to connect as closely as possible with our paying online community we need to make sure that our transaction process is fast, simple and secure - Secure Trading and will ensure this.”

“We provide payment solutions to a diverse range of merchants; proposition was slightly different to the types of merchants that we’ve worked with in the past, but it was simple enough to adapt our payment tools for the business,” Craig Brightly, Head of Sales at Secure Trading added. “Given the ‘community’ focus of the website and its services, it’s essential that we make customers feel as secure as possible while making payments. With 3D Secure transactions and enhanced transaction monitoring, we are able to achieve this.

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About Secure Trading Group

Secure Trading,acquiring.comand Secure Trading USA form Secure Trading Group, which provides intelligent payment gateway and merchant acquiring solutions across a number of verticals. The group’s specialised approach to global, online and omnichannel payments is transforming the way that customers and partners interact. All three have their own unique identity, yet collaborate creatively to provide first-class solutions, exclusively tailored to the needs of our clients. The defining traits that unite the three companies are vast future-proof product portfolios, international offering, specialist expertise, and pro-active relationships with partners and clients. We have a strong internal team culture of client and partner first. Powering Payments … Powering Commerce.

About Free Racing Tips

Free Racing Tips started in 2008 and since then our valuable betting advice has created a huge community of members who enjoy betting on the races, getting access to daily horse racing tips, chatting with our community of like minded racing fans as well as keeping up to date on key events such as the Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot and the Grand National. In addition to the free racing tip (the “Little Beauty”) we also provide a Premium racing tips service.

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