Seasia Canada Steps Up Blockchain for Enterprise Digital Transformation Solutions

EDMONTON, CANADAJul 01 2020Blockchain Wire
Seasia Canada Steps Up Blockchain for Enterprise Digital Transformation Solutions
The IT primary spokesperson said the company unit would leverage the center of excellence - Blockchain technology to meet customers' needs and to power revenue growth.

Seasia Canada - the helping hand in navigating the digital journey of numerous businesses and well known for delivering unparalleled software development services in Canada said the unit would focus on the expansion and evangelization of solutions for recording transactions, tracking assets, and making trust. This proposal is a result of Seasia Canada’s push into making applications practicing the blockchain technology makes it the best enterprise to embrace the database technology.

Disruptive technologies, like blockchain, are upending the conventional outsourcing model of deploying a number of engineers in despicable locations. Leveraging blockchain technology will allow companies such as Seasia Canada, to make their clients cut expenses and advance productivity. Seasia Canada is already working on some projects integrating blockchain technology for its clients. This technology can offer an option to the present global money-transfer network SWIFT, as per a senior executive.

“Blockchain is a major focus area because of the potential this technology provides all across different businesses… For us, the focus areas are, SWIFT, asset management, and identity management," Seasia Canada’s expert said in one interview on Monday.

Blockchain, in plain words, is a widespread ledger that maintains reports and manages transactions all the way through a publicly accessible database. It cuts the need for an authority to validate a deal. These transactions are held by cryptography. The consensus way of transaction approval too makes the system very hard to hack.

Although revenue from these blockchain technologies may not be big, but investment in it is certainly the right approach, said Seasia Canada’s professionals. Further, they added, integrating such a vast technology could any time change once more businesses start adopting this technology into their business processes.

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