Pizza Time ($PIZZA): New Meta That's Revitalizing the Crypto World

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Pizza Time ($PIZZA): New Meta That's Revitalizing the Crypto World

PizzaTime ($PIZZA) is proud to announce its highly anticipated launch, marking a new era of community-driven and decentralized crypto projects. With a mission to foster long-term development and sustainability, PizzaTime aims to create real-world use cases and achieve widespread popularity beyond fleeting trends.

PizzaTime ($PIZZA) is a fully decentralized project that thrives on the active involvement and support of its community. By encouraging free and open communication, PizzaTime ensures that every enthusiast is informed and can actively participate in the growth and development of the project. The community is the driving force behind multiple independent efforts in development, community self-management, and more.

Unlike many short-term projects, PizzaTime is committed to long-term development and the creation of real-world use cases. By fostering a strong ecosystem, the project aims to achieve greater rewards and popularity beyond any temporary trends. With a focus on sustainability, PizzaTime seeks to establish itself as a trusted and reliable investment option in the crypto space.

The native token of PizzaTime, $PIZZA, is an ERC20 token launched on the Ethereum blockchain. The token sale commenced on July 13th via Pinksale, reaching its hard cap of 100 ETH almost immediately. Backed by an experienced team, $PIZZA has already gained attention in the crypto community for its potential.

Key Features of PizzaTime ($PIZZA)

  • Exclusive Whitelist Presale on Pinksale: The project offers an exclusive opportunity for investors to participate in the Whitelist Presale on Pinksale.
  • Audited: The $PIZZA Token Smart Contract has undergone a top-grade security audit, ensuring a high level of transparency and instilling confidence within the community.
  • No Private Sale: PizzaTime has opted not to hold a private sale, ensuring fair and equal access to the token for all interested investors.
  • LP Locked for 365 Days: To provide security and stability to token holders, the liquidity pool (LP) will be locked for 365 days, minimizing the risk of rug pulls.
  • Contract Renounced at Launch: The contract for $PIZZA will be renounced at launch, further enhancing its decentralized nature and eliminating the possibility of external control.
  • Experienced Dev + Team: The project boasts a team of experienced developers and professionals dedicated to its success and long-term growth.
Tokenomics of $PIZZA

The maximum supply of $PIZZA tokens is 4,200,000,069, ensuring scarcity and value appreciation. Key token functionalities include complete decentralization, with the distribution as follows:

  • Burned: 15.7%
  • Liquidity Pool: 74.2%
  • CEX Wallet: 10.1%

At launch, taxes on BUY will be set at 1%, while SELL will incur a 10% tax. However, after 15 minutes, the SELL tax will be permanently reduced to 1% for marketing purposes.

To further solidify trust and security, the $PIZZA Token Smart Contract has undergone a rigorous security audit, ensuring the safety of user funds. The contract address is 0x4562cc8E99e2a5b58E69Ef6643656f6AA46d74FC.

PizzaTime ($PIZZA) aims to expand its presence on various exchanges, with liquidity pools and listings being continuously added by independent enthusiasts and supporters within the community. This strategy ensures wider accessibility and a more diverse trading ecosystem for $PIZZA token holders.

Mexican Pizza Cartel - NFT

In addition to its core offering, PizzaTime introduces the Mexican Pizza Cartel - NFT collection. This collection showcases the adventures of Juan “El Slico” Martinez, a pizza delivery boy turned leader of the Pizza Cartel. Join the Pizza Cartel for thrilling culinary battles and the power of perfectly baked pizzas. Get ready for a journey filled with laughter, mischief, and the joy of unconventional toppings!

To learn more about PizzaTime ($PIZZA), please visit the official website at Stay updated with the latest news and announcements by following PizzaTime on Twitter and joining the Telegram community. 

About PizzaTime ($PIZZA)

PizzaTime ($PIZZA) is a fully decentralized and community-driven crypto project focused on long-term sustainability and real-world use cases. With its enthusiastic community and experienced team, PizzaTime aims to revolutionize the crypto landscape through innovative solutions and an inclusive approach.

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The information provided in this release is not investment advice, financial advice, or trading advice. It is recommended that you practice due diligence (including consultation with a professional financial advisor) before investing or trading securities and cryptocurrency.

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