Peerplays RNG Functionality Completes GLI Testing

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIAJul 27 2020Blockchain Wire
Peerplays RNG Functionality Completes GLI Testing
The Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association (PBSA) believes that trusting randomness in private code doesn't meet the integrity requirements of the modern gamer. PBSA's solution to this lack of transparency is Peerplays RNG, a random number generator that uses blockchain for verifiable randomness. We are delighted to announce that the Peerplays RNG has gone through intensive testing by Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), the global leader in igaming software testing. GLI has issued a positive testing report to Peerplays.

GLI's testing of the RNG consisted of software verification, source code review, and statistical testing. Said GLI within the provided testing report: "GLI found no implementation errors in the RNG functionality reviewed. Moreover, the randomness assessment performed by GLI on the raw outcome of the Peerplays RNG passed statistical testing at a 99% confidence level."

The mission of Peerplays RNG is to future-proof the igaming and charitable gaming sector by introducing distributed ledger technology to enhance integrity and fairness for the players in the industries and also assist regulators and governing structures to provide more secure, transparent, and fair environments for players and operators.

Said PBSA: "We look forward to disrupting the casino, igaming, and charitable gaming industries, and creating lasting partnerships with other organizations who believe players deserve the full transparency that Peerplays RNG provides.

"Peerplays RNG is designed to seamlessly integrate with products to guarantee verifiable randomness on all actions, and we look forward to working with the industry to usher in this new paradigm of transparency."

Today, Peerplays RNG is being utilized within Easy5050, a white label fundraising tool for charitable organizations.
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