Paradox Metaverse Marketplace to Change The Way The Community Trade

LONDONAug 16 2022Blockchain Wire
Paradox Metaverse Marketplace to Change The Way The Community Trade

The Paradox Metaverse, an open-world P2E Blockchain game developed by Paradox Studios, announced that the company has successfully integrated the latest in-game feature Paradox Marketplace. The Paradox Marketplace consists of all the virtual stores within the game in one seamless ecosystem with a diverse range of items from vehicles, weapons, clothing and much more. Further more players would also be able to utilise this marketplace in order to swap NFTs with each other in a safe and secure manner.

The Paradox Marketplace utilises lightning-fast web 3.0 transactions and as such allows for instant transfers. Moreover, transaction fees that previously would have ended up paid to blockchain exchange will now instead be fed back into the paradox ecosystem and thus rewarding the paradox community and the $PARA cryptocurrency. 

In order to maintain fairness and provide equality to all the players, Items purchased via the marketplace will not give any players a strategic in-game advantage, the marketplace will instead act as a customisation platform allowing players to add a level of personalisation to their own characters. This element of personalisation is at the centre of the metaverse experience and will give players something to aspire towards as they complete missions giving them the opportunity to differentiate themselves from other players.

The marketplace will also be constantly updated with new items, to ensure that the paradox metaverse is stylistically up-to-date with real world trends, allowing users to incorporate elements of their own personality and preferences as they change and adapt, allowing them to portray this through their own characters.

Paradox Metaverse is ready to play Q4. 

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