OTCTrade.com Launches OTC Crypto Trading Platform With $5 MM Insurance

HENDERSON, NVAug 10 2020Blockchain Wire
OTCTrade.com Launches OTC Crypto Trading Platform With $5 MM Insurance

OTC Trade has announced the worldwide beta customer launch and press event on August 27, 2020, of its new game-changing digital over-the-counter trading platform OTCTrade.com designed for traders, trading desks, institutional investors, private equity firms, and family offices.

The end-to-end platform allows institutional and individual traders to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies seamlessly in a peer-to-peer (P2P) environment. OTCTrade.com’s proprietary patent-pending software enables instant settlement and ensures transparency by applying strict KYC procedures, and users can still benefit from anonymous trading.

“We conducted extensive research and found the key benefits or features wanted were access to deals, and improved trust, speed, privacy and security,” said Alan McGrath, CEO of OTCTrade.com. 

In addition to the platform beta launch, OTCTrade.com is proudly announcing its partnership with Prime Trust. Thanks to the partnership, OTCTrade.com is able to provide USD 5 million insurance to each account, with more options being available upon request.

“Prime Trust is the technology-driven financial institution that provides open infrastructure solutions for FinTech innovators,” said Schuyler Hawkins, VP of Business Development at Prime Trust. “We power financial apps, payment processors, crypto exchanges, ATS', OTC desks, crowdfunding portals, real estate platforms, brokers, investment advisors, and others with smart API solutions to create world-class financial services at scale.  And we are delighted to partner with OTCTrade.com and their world-class solution, in delivering our sorely needed services to enhance safety and trust in this fast-growing market.  They have a game-changing OTC Trading Desk solution that is ideal for our market.”

Chris Hunichen, OTCTrade.com’s Co-Founder and investor, stated: “OTC Trade’s game-changing platform tackles the current OTC crypto market’s issues head on and we are very excited about our partnership with Prime Trust, which will add custody, USD 5 million insurance to each account, and integrate directly with our world-class solution.”

In April 2018, Bloomberg reported that the daily OTC market was anywhere between $250 million and $30 billion per day. This is compared to around $15 billion per day on crypto exchanges. While the crypto OTC space is expanding rapidly, it is still less monitored and rife with scams. Our solution addresses this issue by offering a platform that protects traders from this risk.

A highly-anticipated online beta customer and press launch event with Q&A and live product demonstration will be provided.

A media advisory is provided to customers and press:

  • Date: August 27, 2020
  • Time: 11:00 am to 1:00 pm Pacific Time (2:00 pm - 4:00 pm EST)
  • What: Presentation, Product Demonstration, Q&A session
  • Speakers: Alan McGrath - keynote presenter, Co-Founder OTCTrade.com, Al Leong - Chief Marketing Officer at OTCTrade.com, Schuyler Hawkins - VP Business Development at Prime Trust
  • Registration: Beta customers, Press/Media, Partners: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_nQAdXon_RQGy_KN19Cfk3w

About Prime Trust

Prime Trust is an industry-leading open banking solutions firm that provides financial infrastructure solutions for the digital economy. It powers mobile banking apps, exchanges, OTC desks, portals, platforms, brokers, investment advisors, exchanges, real-estate syndicators, and others with smart API solutions to create world-class financial services at scale. The open-banking solutions provided by Prime Trust include institutional and retail account types including custodial, IRA, trust, and escrow, along with payment processing, AML and KYC compliance, asset custody, transaction technology and tax reporting.

For more information, visit www.primetrust.com

About OTCTrade.com

OTCTrade.com is a Software-as-a-Service Fintech company based in Henderson, Nevada.  The company was founded by Co-Founders Alan McGrath and Chris Hunichen to solve the issues faced in over-the-counter crypto trading.  The company is releasing its first product and seeking beta customers (trading desks, institutional investors, family offices) that want to increase their dealflow and trading opportunities. 

For more information, visit www.otctrade.com

Media Contact: Al Leong, Chief Marketing Officer, [email protected]

Customer Inquiries: Christopher Hunichen, COO Co-Founder, [email protected]

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