Limitless & Everest Launch $GEMS RWA Token With Over $600M in Collateral

Mexico City, MexicoJul 09 2024Blockchain Wire
Limitless & Everest Launch $GEMS RWA Token With Over $600M in Collateral

Limitless, in collaboration with Everest, announces the launch of 20 million $GEMS tokens, backed by over $600 million in liquid assets. This pioneering initiative introduces the first Real World Asset (RWA) token of its kind, aimed at revolutionizing the gemstone industry through blockchain technology and innovative crypto economics.

Available exclusively through the EverLaunch platform, $GEMS tokens offer a seamless user experience, allowing individuals worldwide to participate in the gemstone market effortlessly. Users can acquire $GEMS by connecting their wallet or purchasing directly with a debit card.

Key benefits of $GEMS include:

- Gemstone Purchasing: Facilitating the acquisition, cutting, and polishing of emeralds and alexandrites.

- Mine Tour: Providing unique opportunities for users to experience the gemstone mining process firsthand.

- Staking Rewards: Offering up to 20% rewards through staking $GEMS tokens.

- Refund Policy: Guaranteeing a refund of any unused $GEMS at a rate of $4 per token worth of ETH, backed by the $600M in liquid assets held in custody.

"We are excited to introduce $GEMS, a groundbreaking RWA token backed by substantial liquid assets," said Bob Reid of Everest. "This initiative not only enhances accessibility to the gemstone market but also leverages blockchain to address long standing inefficiencies."

The public sale of 20 million $GEMS tokens is set to commence in July 2024 with a launch price of USD $1 per token, with an additional allocation of 1 million tokens reserved for referrals and marketing efforts. Detailed information can be accessed at

"For centuries, the gemstone supply chain has seen markups ranging from 1,000% to 5,000%," added Matteo Rosetti, General Manager at Limitless. "By integrating blockchain technology with direct sourcing and crypto economics, we are disrupting this traditional model, offering substantial benefits to our users."

Join the gemstone revolution with $GEMS. Learn more and participate in the public sale at




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A global, multi-billion dollar mining conglomerate in operation for more than 20 years across three continents, Viaarpe Limitless has a proven track record of harvesting gemstones, precious metals, rare-earth elements and minerals. Viaarpe Limitless is working to change how people discover, purchase, and use gemstones with the GEMS token offering. For more info, visit:

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THE Foundation is a non-profit organization governed as a DAO that is dedicated to supplying users with a free digital identity and a multi-purpose wallet, along with access to the $ID token ecosystem.  Everest Network, Ltd. is a licensed custodian with fiat and crypto infrastructure, able to facilitate transactions in a compliant, low cost manner.  Users from THE Foundation can optionally bridge into regulated financial services, such as purchasing via fiat through Everest.  For more info, visit:

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