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Fragment Studios, the entertainment studio behind the mixed media story project AppliedPrimate, today announced a deal with Richard Garfield that will see Garfield, who was described by Forbes as “one of the great tabletop game designers” and is best known for creating Wizards of the Coast mega-hit Magic the Gathering, and his consulting company Three Donkeys work closely with the project to advise on an innovative on-chain gaming experience around Fragment’s upcoming MegaForce Sentinels NFT collection.

Following nearly a year of gestation and narrative development that has incorporated numerous Mega Mutants from the blue-chip NFT collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club, the stage has been set for the arrival of the MegaForce Sentinels, a collection of 10,000 unique, robot-themed avatar NFTs that will be minted and owned by members of the AppliedPrimate community. In the future, following their minting on the Ethereum blockchain, a sprawling and detailed narrative will be released around the Sentinels, casting their owners as immersive players in a pioneering gaming adventure that will leverage the expanding potential of the blockchain to create a revolutionary experience for gamers and collectors. 

To date, Fragment Studios has engaged in a massive campaign of world-building and storytelling that has captivated thousands of participants in a series of engagements that has invited players to play a starring role in various quests and challenges to further the narrative. The partnership with Garfield signals the next step for Fragment, as the company pivots from encapsulated online and IRL gaming elements to a full-fledged gaming ecosystem that will explain the origins of the MegaForce Sentinels and take the characters, and their owners, on an enveloping adventure of limitless potential. 

This initiative is the next step in Fragment’s ongoing mission to create a community-driven, decentralized entertainment launchpad that explores the potential of blockchain technologies to add unprecedented ownership, governance and persistence to in-game worlds. AppliedPrimate is the company’s first production, an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that includes the IP of six of the 13 “Mega Mutant” NFTs, considered by many to be the most highly sought after NFTs in the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem and beyond.

“It’s truly a dream come true to work with Richard, Skaff and their team to develop a game around Sentinels and the MegaForce that explores how blockchain technologies can help deliver a truly groundbreaking and unique gaming experience for players. Long term, we envision our Sentinels will inhabit and explore a persistent, autonomous gaming world that has its own set of fundamental rules and is beyond the centralized control of any one company or entity. No one in the world is better equipped than Richard and his team to help make sure we are able to create a set of rules that ensure this world is fun, fair and stands the test of time”, said PTM, founder of Fragment Studios.

“It has been fun over the last few months to see the Fragment team's passion for puzzles and games that stem naturally from their storytelling, and their playfulness with the relationship between the two. More recently our conversations with PTM about Sentinels and the world Fragment is building has got me interested in ways to use decentralized technologies in ways not previously possible with traditional games, ones which take advantage of the market dynamics of blockchain while still allowing all to participate in fundamentally fair games that are not dominated by speculators. It is marvelous to work with folk who share that interest, and I am excited to work with PTM and the rest of the Fragment team to advise them on the development of something that will appeal not only to those already in web3, but also traditional game players who haven't yet had interest in purchasing an NFT,” expressed Garfield. 


Richard Garfield is an American mathematician, inventor and game designer best known as the renowned creator of over 50 successful and celebrated game designs, including Magic The Gathering, the most popular collectible trading card of all time. He was recently described by Forbes as “ one of the great tabletop game designers” and has received numerous accolades,including induction into the Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame.


Fragment Studios, founded by pseudonymous NFT collector PTM (@ptmNFT), aims to leverage highly sought-after NFT IP to create innovative storytelling projects with unparalleled community ownership opportunities. Applied Primate is Fragment’s genesis project, utilizing interactive experiences, puzzles, and mini-games to create compelling lore and engagement around the legendary Mega Mutant Apes of the Bored Ape Yacht Club ecosystem. The next stage of this initiative will be to mint the MegaForce Sentinels multiverse NFT collection, which will grant IP rights to owners of the NFTs, but will also admit access to an expansive blockchain gaming environment with boundary-pushing decentralized elements.

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