KulaDAO An Emerging Cryptographic Project – On Track For 2023 ICO

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KulaDAO An Emerging Cryptographic Project – On Track For 2023 ICO
KulaDAO is an exciting and emerging cryptographic project that is on track for a 2023 ICO. It proposes to align the interests of different people groups to create shared value.

Misaligned interests between stakeholders costs the global economy billions of dollars annually in wasted opportunity, broken trust, and relational breakdown. Correcting these misalignments opens the door to creating and sharing value. KulaDAO accomplishes this by utilizing a novel form of organizational technology, a decentralized autonomous organizational ecosystem (DAO). We use the DAO to work with each project stakeholder to align interests and tap the locked value sitting in shared opportunities and assets. KulaDAO will issue tokens to incentivize stakeholder participation in sub-projects it calls RegionalDAOs. 

By establishing real financial rewards and governance agencies through these tokens, new levels of trust are established among stakeholders. In turn, this will enable them to unlock the value potential in their mutually shared interests which will be reflected in the token value. 

In 2022 KulaDAO has met its projected milestones:

  • KulaDAO has delivered a working prototype of the KulaDAO ecosystem in partnership with the Disruption Lab of the Gies College of Business (business school of the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign).

  • KulaDAO has identified, developed, and executed its application for legal jurisdiction with FINMA in Switzerland.

  • KulaDAO has signed six Memorandums of Understanding with three partner organizations in two African countries. These MOUs focus on gold, lithium, emerald, livestock, and agriculture. KulaDAO is also in negotiations with two other real estate projects.

  • KulaDAO has started its community development through social media, monthly AMA calls, and related community forums in Telegram and Discord (see links below). 

In the last quarter of 2022:

  • KulaDAO will complete the legal foundation for its token issuance in 2023. 

  • KulaDAO will complete contracts with its first partner RegionalDAO organization by establishing a local special purpose vehicle ready to onboard into the KulaDAO ecosystem. 

  • KulaDAO will verify the code base's integrity.

  • KulaDAO will activate the guilds and related working groups to advance the project toward its 2023 ICO.

Micah Yeackley, CEO of The Veteran Broker, and co-founder of KulaDAO is eager to see the project move past these immediate milestones and head toward its launch. 

“We see misaligned interests create win-lose dynamics that we know a DAO ecosystem can positively disrupt to create more value for everyone. We are excited about what is coming in 2023 as we launch our KulaDAO token and incorporate several global projects with significant opportunities for impact and change”.

KulaDAO intends to launch its project in Q3/2023.

Join our community on:

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/UK8bgRPuvY

Telegram: https://t.me/kula_dao 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kula_dao/ 

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kula_dao

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