Koinswap is launching its own layer-1 blockchain.

LONDON, UKSep 02 2022Blockchain Wire
Koinswap is launching its own layer-1 blockchain.

Koinswap is developing its own layer-1 blockchain. Everyone is familiar with blockchains like Ethereum, Solana, Cardano, and Matic etc. These are blockchains with their unique functionalities and utilities. But there are some limitations to all of these chains. Ethereum is suffering from higher gas fee, Solana is suffering from scalability and stability issues, Cardano is still under development and matic is still working on network stability. Keeping such things in mind, koinswap developers are working on a blockchain, which can overcome such issues and provide solutions.


Koinswap blockchain is Ethereum EVM based blockchain, which works on proof of authority protocol. Validators are authorized by a proof of authority mechanism so that only authorized validators can validate transactions initially.  Due to this, we can lower transaction costs. In koinswap blockchain, users can adjust transaction cost while performing transactions. This makes koinswapchain the lowest transaction cost blockchain among all. 

Developers can develop smart contracts on koinswap chain, similarly like developing on Ethereum in minutes. Development of Decentralized apps, integration of metaverse, and integration of NFTs on koinswap blockchain is as easy as it is on Ethereum.  KOINSWAPCHAIN will be a best solution as a layer-1 blockchain to the industry.  KST is the native asset to be used in entire koinswapchain ecosystem, which can create huge demand for the asset. 

Koinswap ICO is going on with 2 rounds completed successfully followed by 3 more rounds. For more details visit koinswap website and follow us on twitter. 

Website: https://koinswap.io

Twitter: https://twitter.com/koinswap_io

Telegram: https://t.me/koinswap_officialgroup

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