InvestroAI Launches Token Presale on Pinksale Launchpad

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InvestroAI Launches Token Presale on Pinksale Launchpad

InvestroAI is the ultimate platform for automated social trading that caters to both seasoned and novice investors. The platform is perfect for users who are looking for value-added services from experienced traders while reducing their risks. By leveraging blockchain technology, InvestroAI ensures transparency and security, while AI provides real-time market analysis for data-driven decisions.

InvestroAI's trading ecosystem provides various features such as a Portfolio management suite, AI bot selection, pro traders leaderboard, and copy-trading strategies that make it an ideal platform for everyone looking to enter the lucrative cryptocurrency market.

InvestroAI aims to democratize cryptocurrency trading by making it accessible and reliable for everyone. It has developed a user-centric platform powered by AI for mainstream adoption, which is the result of the collaboration between experienced traders and developers. The platform brings more non-crypto people into the exciting and promising digital economy reliably and straightforwardly.

The native currency of the InvestroAI platform will be the inAI token – based on the ERC20 standard. It will be a utility token used to cover transaction fees, facilitate global transactions between businesses and consumers, and access the advanced features of the InvestroAI platform. Fundraising and the use of InvestroAI Tokens will help finance the platform's future development and marketing, so we can focus on expanding the platform's offerings to include a complete portfolio management suite and a built-in Staking wallet.

The InvestroAI team details the goals, technical tactics, and benefits of the platform, as well as its alignment with the larger blockchain community. The platform is an innovative breakthrough that serves a wide range of users, including Investors, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, day traders, novice traders/investors, and everyone in between. InvestroAI strives to empower traders with the necessary resources to stay ahead of the competition while reducing the time spent on data collection and analysis, market monitoring, data source browsing, account logins, and missed profitable opportunities.

Investing through a platform like InvestroAI has certain advantages, as the InvestroAI on the platform are incredibly experienced and knowledgeable in crypto and fiat matters. They are also skilled in applying aggressive investment strategies along with complex risk management tools. Traders are exposed to a large pool of fiat and cryptocurrencies with a transparent fee model and real-time conversions and withdrawals.

Despite the proliferation of cryptocurrencies, incumbent solutions are inefficient, costing traders and investors high fees, while usability remains unsatisfactory, and the security level remains moderate, at best. Blockchain has the potential to transform the business landscape across almost every primary industry radically. InvestroAI's trading ecosystem is designed for mainstream adoption, which provides a safer entry into the crypto market with managed risk through automated social trading by leveraging crypto penetration benefits.

InvestroAI has identified the potential of algorithm trading, which is expected to grow from $8.7 billion in 2016 to $18.16 billion by 2025 at an annual growth rate of 8.7% between 2017 and 2025. It has experienced significant growth thanks to the increasing automation process in trading.

InvestroAI aims to transform the cryptocurrency trading industry by creating a seamless trading experience by providing an automated social trading platform that leverages the power of blockchain and AI technology. The token presale on Pinksale Launchpad is the first step towards realizing this vision. The platform is looking forward to welcoming investors to participate in the presale and become part of the InvestroAI community.

Projectomics's utility token, InvestroAI Token, plays a vital role in the platform's functionality. Users need to hold the token to access premium features, pay fees, settle profits, and incentivize community sharing. The token derives its value entirely from the services provided by the platform and is not intended for speculation.

The platform's incentive system is designed to favor actual users rather than speculators. It strikes a delicate balance between the essential utility token functions, compelling traders to use the advanced trading services on the platform.

InvestroAI Token has a total supply of 100 billion and is sold with a 4% buy tax and 6% sell tax. The token distribution follows a specific structure, with 50% for selling, 27% for liquidity, 13% for burn, and 10% reserved for the DAO. The buy tax is distributed as 2% to liquidity and 2% to marketing, while the selling tax is divided among liquidity, marketing, and yield/holder rewards, each receiving 2%. InvestroAI Token plays a crucial role in the Investro.AI platform's success, incentivizing users to engage with the platform's features and stay for a longer time.

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