FundSmart Capital: How Will Vigil is Helping Keep Businesses Alive

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FundSmart Capital: How Will Vigil is Helping Keep Businesses Alive

How Will Vigil is Helping Keep Businesses Alive

In our current economic environment, entrepreneurs and new startups have suffered immensely as they try to obtain the most precious resource behind any growing company: growth capital. Startups who depended on a loyal and consistent customer base to create revenues have encountered significant losses as market segments inevitably turn away or throttle expenditures they consider nonessential, leaving many startups desperate and treading water.

Will Vigil, co-founder of FundSmart Capital, understands these circumstances. “Our industry has never been in such high demand especially during this pandemic.   Anytime there's a recession our industry grows as small businesses are in dire need of operating and growth capital to survive any economic downturn.  Our future will grow dramatically as a result of the pandemic because more people are realizing that they can work from home or abroad and utilize online and tech platforms to easily start a business.”

While startups that pull themselves up by their own revenue and cash flow are noble, many companies can't survive without hefty external capital. And in our economic environment strained by a global pandemic, this quickly becomes a catch-22. This is where Will Vigil has emerged as a significant thought leader and catalyst for helping to bridge the gap for growing companies. Will describes the work FundSmart Capital does this way:

“We help startups and existing companies restructure debt and or build credit so they can obtain capital for expansion.  throughout our network. We have helped companies obtain over $150 million in capital within the last several years.”

Will has uncovered and revolutionized ways companies can increase credit ratings and gain access to alternative forms of capital, and the network of clients he and his company serve is growing significantly. 

“In the last month we saw a record 450,000 loan applications filed from small businesses in just two weeks.  The demand for small business capital and credit has never been so high... Our products involve everything a small business would need: starting with business structure and development and business credit to obtain capital to offering marketing services such as web development, SEO and social media platforms.   We can help a startup get off the ground as easy as helping an existing company get to the next level.”

Will’s advice for new company leaders?

“My advice is to study your market trends and demand for your product as well as build teams that are all smarter than yourself and leave your ego at the door.   The faster you fail and learn from failure the faster you succeed.”

Learn more about Will and FundSmart Capital at 

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