EpicVIN Makes It Easy to Check Your Vehicle Before You Make a Purchase

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EpicVIN Makes It Easy to Check Your Vehicle Before You Make a Purchase
EpicVIN is the first company that uses blockchain to provide complete and true vehicle history reports.

It provides buyers with up-to-date information about pre-owned or used vehicles. The purpose of the company is to help buyers feel more confident when buying old cars.

The report contains detailed information on the following:

- Previous owners

- Odometer readings

- Damages

- Accidents

- Title information

- Recalls

- Photos

The company is described as a revolutionary brand that is fast and reliable. A large number of people buy second-hand cars as they’re cheaper and often more feasible.

EpicVIN provides buyers the confidence they need to close a deal. According to a representative of the company, the service is "suitable for anyone wanting to know more about a car including hidden issues, history, and potential risk factors."

Users can try the desktop version of the app or download the mobile app from GooglePlay to be able to create reports on the go.

The company has spent months researching the market and understand the issues buyers face when purchasing an old vehicle. The report issued by EpicVIN tries to answer and provide true information about a vehicle so that buyers can calculate the true worth of a car and decide if they should go ahead with a purchase or not.

EpicVIN uses VIN (short for Vehicle Information Number) to identify a vehicle. The VIN is a 17-character number that highlights specific information about a vehicle including its make, origin, year, etc. The company uses the VIN number to generate vehicle reports.

According to the company, these reports can be great for sellers as well.

“You can generate reports using EpicVIN and use them to fetch a better price,” suggests the EpicVin team.

These reports can be used to prove your vehicle is worth the asking price and there are no hidden issues or problems. On the other hand, buyers can be sure they’re not buying a stolen car or one that has been involved in accidents or illegal activities.

Go here to check a sample EpicVIN report. You can also check blogs and social media handles for more information on the company and how it can help you.

About EpicVIN

Launched in 2012, EpicVIN is an NMVTIS-approved (National Motor Vehicle Title Information System) data provider. NMVTIS is a national database designed to protect consumers from fraud and unsafe vehicles that prevents stolen vehicles from being resold and provides users with accurate vehicle information.

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