Efforce and Huobi Enter into Strategic Partnership

LONDON, UKAug 11 2020Blockchain Wire
Efforce and Huobi Enter into Strategic Partnership

With its revolutionary tokenized energy savings, Efforce is gearing up to the public launch of its Energy Efficiency platform to the retail world, democratising once and for all the access to this world-positive asset class.

Jacopo Visetti, Efforce co-founder and serial entrepreneur in the energy market said:

“This year has been incredibly tough for most businesses around the planet. Becoming more energy efficient, allows business owners to save on utility bills, increase their liquidity and become more sustainable.”

Since its private launch last summer, Efforce has successfully taken to the blockchain what its founders’ business has been over the past decade; it completed its private sale round in January and deployed capital into the first batch of efficiency projects which have all returned profits to the network.

Thanks to a strategic partnership with Huobi, the world’s largest and most reliable cryptocurrency exchanges, the Efforce team will be able to amplify the effect of their work across the globe and bring to the public market its sustainable investment opportunities.

Leon Li, chairman and founder at Huobi, said:

“For us at Huobi, it is an immense pleasure and honour to work with such a personality like Steve Wozniak who, once again, together with his visionary team at Efforce is shaping the future of an entire industry through the use of pioneering technology. Huobi, will support Efforce growth process with its best tools and resources.”

Steve Wozniak commented by saying:

“Over the past year we have been approached by many different exchanges and potential partners. Our team’s attitude has always been to create a real world product with truly reliable partners alongside us which could help create a safe yet open ecosystem. We are excited to enter into cooperation with Huobi as Leon and his team have always proved their customer-centric, innovative and supportive approach. Great day to enter into a new phase!”

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