DeFiner Launches Innovative DeFi Lending Platform

MINNEAPOLIS, MNJun 25 2019Blockchain Wire
DeFiner Launches Innovative DeFi Lending Platform

DeFiner, announces the launch of its decentralized platform in the US.  DeFiner enables users to effortlessly participate in peer-to-peer crypto loans that are securely executed using blockchain technology and through its fully decentralized finance application (dApp.) This innovative approach gives borrowers and lenders full control of setting their own rates and requirements while removing the costs associated with third party intermediaries.

DeFiner, based out of Minneapolis, MN, offers users maximum flexibility throughout the loan process by combining the convenience of off-chain matching with the security of on-chain settlement. Users can easily initiate and counter loan requests on DeFiner’s platform prior to accepting a loan which is then automatically carried out directly on the blockchain. DeFiner provides a globally accessible open marketplace for anyone to securely lend or borrow digital assets on their own terms and with reduced costs and barrier to entry DeFiner’s platform also supports a wide array of digital assets and cryptocurrencies and is available for use 24/7 due to its decentralized architecture.  

Jason Wu, Founder and CEO of DeFiner says, “DeFiner offers crypto holders the unique ability to unlock instant value from their capital by leveraging the explosive demand within the $200+ billion crypto economy. We offer a much wider assortment of digital assets than our competitors do and currently support more than 15 assets, while others only offer 5 or less.”

Bury Huang, Co-Founder and CTO of DeFiner added, “Our platform is designed to make DeFiner the first decentralized architecture and self-governed digital lending ecosystem. DeFiner provides a highly scalable and low-cost pre-agreement service to help users to gather information, facilitate communication, find counter parties, negotiate and reach loan agreements settled on blockchain automatically  and provides a trustworthy ecosystem for lending and borrowing.”

DeFiner is currently in the soft launch phase of its lending platform and interested users can sign up for a new account directly on its website. With its hybrid solution and competitive advantage of cross-chain compatibility, DeFiner is uniquely positioned to capture market share within the growing DeFi space and advancing financial trust, growth and simplicity through the blockchain.

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