Carlos Solari, Former CIO at the White House and Senior FBI Executive Director, Joins PlatinumDEX ICO as the Chief Information Officer

LONDON, UKMar 13 2019Blockchain Wire
Carlos Solari, Former CIO at the White House and Senior FBI Executive Director, Joins PlatinumDEX ICO as the Chief Information Officer

PlatinumDEX is a UK registered limited company (Fintech) with a mission to be the world’s most secure end-to-end cryptocurrency exchange platform, ushering in the age of the next generation of crypto – "Crypto 2.0" and to provide the same level of strong corporate governance, security and excellent customer service to EU citizens as an EU e-MI licensed and regulated e-bank.

As the former CIO of The White House, Carlos was responsible for the IT systems for the Executive Office of both President Bush and President Obama, where the highest levels of national security must be protected. Prior to this, Carlos was a senior executive Director at the FBI where he led the development of a nationally deployed system for counter-drug operations. The system subsequently became the FBI’s intelligence database. He also served as Program Executive for the creation of the FBI’s global command and communication facility.

Carlos shares the PlatinumDEX vision of enabling business via secure devices and cryptocurrency exchange platforms, remaining compliant with laws and ethics, while respecting end users’ privacy.

PlatinumDEX is confident no one is better suited to fill the same role within the team.

Against the back ground of $ 1.5 billion of crypto currency stolen in 2018 and most of all crypto thefts occurring on an exchange, PlatinumDEX are launching their ICO in 2019 to fund a global network of 50 plus of the most secure exchange platforms and then an E-Banking platform.

The problems inhibiting mass adoption of e-banking and the crypto currency ecosystem are identical. There is an unsatisfied requirement for simple and convenient interfaces, properly secured systems, clear, and understandable information, trusted institutions and high-quality service. PlatinumDEX considers that it will have previously addressed the problems in the context of its exchange and that it will have established itself as a trusted service provider. It believes it will be able to leverage this experience and successfully enter the global e-banking market, initially in the EU and then rolling out across Africa, the Americas and the Asia Pacific markets.

PlatinumDEX believes this service will have value in developing countries where the banking system can be either inadequate or non-existence and where fraud and general financial malfeasance is often rife.

PlatinumDEX will be transparent, compliant and regulated, bringing security and stability to the historically volatile crypto financial market. Using hybrid blockchain cyber security coupled with machine learning, PlatinumDEX aims to provide the most secure and most transparent exchange ever. Platinum DEX are delighted to announce that Carlos Solari will take the position of Chief Information Officer as the company moves through its funding phase.

Stories are breaking in the media without break, of theft and fraud in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The questions of security and integrity are the one that are defining the industry. The cryptocurrency industry is in dire need of change, and people who have the skills, experience and integrity to bring about the transformation need to enter the arena.

As Carlos himself put it: “It is about transparency, a diligence to know our clients and to ensure the exchange operates in a trusted state - always.”

The security PlatinumDEX will bring to the market will provide stability and enable crypto as real, usable currencies for mass adoption. The current landscape stops the original Satoshi Nakamoto concept of the democratisation of money, meant to empower people globally to practice commerce with less restrictions and less cost. One could call it wasted potential.

With the human resources that we have on board, we strive to help the industry rise to its potential.

If you are interested in learning more about the mission of PlatinumDEX, visit our website or contact us at [email protected] or Telegram:

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