BOScoin Launches Industry’s First Blockchain Campus Outreach “CAMBOS”

ZUG, SWITZERLANDOct 22 2018Blockchain Wire
BOScoin Launches Industry’s First Blockchain Campus Outreach “CAMBOS”

Korea’s first blockchain project BOScoin held the launching ceremony with the first group of participants for its blockchain campus program “CAMBOS” which provides college students with the powertrain to learn about blockchain and experience the dynamic blockchain business in person.

The first round of the program was launched under the slogan of “Running toward to the future, I’m a real campus boss” to provide college students with knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency as well as firsthand experience in the industry.

The launch ceremony started with the opening remarks by BOScoin’s CEO Yezune Choi and CSO Myungsan Chun, followed by a brief lecture about BOScoin by the CEO. The students participating in the program had a lot of questions after the lecture, reflecting the young generation’s great interest in the 4th industrial revolution led by blockchain technology.

They welcomed opportunities like CAMBOS. “The young generation will be the trendsetters leading the 4th industrial revolution, but it is difficult for us to keep up with technologies and acquire expertise on our own,” said Ji-ha Chung, an economics major at Seoul University (enrolled in 2015) and participant in the program. “I’d like to learn the dynamics of the field which cannot be learned from school by participating in BOScoin’s CAMBOS activities and play a role to increase interest in blockchain and networking potential through collective intelligence with my peers who will lead the changes together.”

“I became interested in blockchain from an information security perspective while taking a liberal arts class,” said Hong-cheol Shin, a biological sciences major at Korea University (enrolled in 2017). “I think you should know the trends of blockchain and cryptocurrency even if you are not a computer-related major. I’d like to put them in context so that non-computer major students like me can understand them well.”

The first group of students will participate in team activities under various topics including programing, marketing, and branding for 5 months starting from January next year. BOScoin will provide a stipend to all students participating in CAMBOS activities as well as mentoring by its employees. Also, it will invite experts outside the company to give a lecture at a regular session each month, and each team of students is expected to give a presentation on different projects each month.

“The 4th industrial revolution is upon us, and BOScoin has created a program for the first time in the industry that offers college students the opportunity to obtain knowledge about blockchain and cryptocurrency. I expect this will also serve as an opportunity for BOScoin to get closer to the general public through creative ideas from the students,” said an official CAMBOS program support group.

About BOScoin

Korea’s first blockchain project BOScoin was launched by BlockchainOS in May 2017 through an ICO. Five hundred million BOScoins were first released, and the ICO of BOScoin reached 15.7 billion won hardcap within 9 minutes from the start. Approximately 60 billion won worth fundraising was completed within 17 hours. BOScoin opened its testnet source in June and prepares to open its mainnet based on its own technology at the end of this year. It is seeking partners who pursue to build an innovative business model by grafting blockchain technology onto their industry on the BOScoin platform, pushing ahead with the creation of BOScoin ecosystem.


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