Bitpanda Launches World’s First Real Crypto Index

LONDON, UKOct 07 2020Blockchain Wire
Bitpanda Launches World’s First Real Crypto Index

Bitpanda, the leading investment platform, today announces the launch of its Bitpanda Crypto Index (BCI), an easy, automated way for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies to invest in slices of the crypto market.

Why invest in the Bitpanda Crypto Index?

The high demand in the cryptocurrency market this year prompted Bitpanda to design a product for people interested in a hands-off approach to crypto investing. It does so by offering users the choice of three different Indices – the BCI5, the BCI10 and the BCI25 – which auto-invest in the top 5, top 10 or top 25 cryptocurrencies based on their market size and liquidity. The result is a diversified crypto portfolio and decreased exposure to market volatility. Additionally, the Index automatically adjusts the weightings of assets in portfolios over time, so users never feel like they’re missing out on “the next big thing."

How Does It Work?

The Bitpanda Crypto Index is the perfect product for those seeking a hands-off approach to crypto-investing. Each month, the Indices automatically rebalance according to changes in the market thanks to calculations and reviews by MVIS Index Solutions, the Index division of the leading asset manager VanEck. The Indices behave like any other digital asset on Bitpanda, allowing users to buy, sell, or swap supported assets in their portfolio within seconds.

Bitpanda was prompted to create the Bitpanda Crypto Index (BCI) when it noticed that, despite the huge appetite that exists for easier ways to invest in cryptocurrencies, there was a lack of suitable financial products that invest in the market as a whole, rather than individual assets.

Eric Demuth, Co-Founder and CEO of Bitpanda said:

“With the Bitpanda Crypto Index, our first regulated product, we‘re proud to be launching a game-changer that brings the world one step closer to the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies. The key to doing this is removing complexity from crypto investing and that’s just what we’ve done. Apart from making crypto investments super easy, our Indices will help you build a diversified portfolio of assets by tracking the market as a whole. Think of it as a more grown-up, guess-free version of crypto investing. When the market changes - so does the Index - swapping out assets each month to maintain investments. It's a hands-off, stress-free approach to crypto investing.”

The launch of the Bitpanda Crypto Index comes only a week after the company closed Europe’s largest Series A investment of 2020, securing $52M in a round led by Valar Ventures. The large-scale investment will be used to drive Bitpanda’s expansion, build on its 1.3 million users worldwide and position the Vienna-based company as a leader in transforming Europe’s financial industry.

About Bitpanda

Bitpanda is a leading European neobroker on a mission to democratise the complex world of investing. Founded in 2014 by Eric Demuth, Paul Klanschek and Christian Trummer, the company is a firm believer in transparency and making it as easy as possible for everyone to start investing. Bitpanda removes complicated financial barriers by harnessing the innovative power of digitised assets and blockchain technology. With low fees, 24/7 trading and real-time settlement, Bitpanda empowers users to shape their financial futures - on their own terms.


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