AuraBlocks Accelerates Enterprise Oracle Blockchain Adoption with RapidBlocks Launch

SAN FRANCISCO, CAOct 23 2018Blockchain Wire
AuraBlocks Accelerates Enterprise Oracle Blockchain Adoption with RapidBlocks Launch

Oracle OpenWorld 2018 will be the launch pad for RapidBlocksTM, the revolutionary Blockchain SaaS tool by AuraBlocks. The AuraBlocks team, along with other industry leaders, will be presenting three separate sessions at Oracle OpenWorld, a testament to their expertise in Enterprise-level distributed ledger technologies.

The RapidBlocksTM tool will allow enterprises to create, customize and deploy operationally sound and scalable distributed ledger applications in a matter of days on the Oracle Autonomous Blockchain Cloud Service (OABCS) platform. OABCS has its origins from the rails of Hyperledger Fabric, a Linux Foundation project.  AuraBlocks is committed to innovation in distributed ledger technology and to promote standards driven cross company software development collaboration. RapidBlocksTM natively offers enterprise collaboration, integration and systems management tools that help organizations to introduce blockchain applications within their technology stack at lower costs and shorter go to market cycles.

AuraBlocks will also present a blockchain medical industry solution being built for Quantum Medical and River Oaks Billing Associates. The solution design utilizes Oracle blockchain platform and Smart Contracts to manage medical records data storage. The technology will facilitate medical data transfer from EHR/EMR systems to a distributed ledger thus providing an immutable record which can be accessed by eco-system via delegated patient consent. AuraBlocks is also considering an open framework to eventually integrate with the decentralized identity offerings and sovereign identity principles maturing in the market. Joining AuraBlocks on the blockchain panel is Dr. Alex Cahana a venture partner and head of medical technology and healthcare at CryptoOracle. Dr. Cahana is a leading expert in blockchain usage and design in the medical industry.

AuraBlocks will be presenting a third session at OpenWorld discussing how Enterprises can use blockchain hackathons to drive organizational innovation. AuraBlocks has deep experience in hosting hackathons and mentoring both participants and the organizations involved to spur real-world use cases for distributed ledger technologies. AuraBlocks will be presenting six such use-cases from their most recent hackathon, which was hosted in association with some of the world’s largest financial institutions. 

AuraBlocks, an Oracle Silver Partner, is a blockchain consulting firm offering advisory/training, consulting, system integration, design and development services to Enterprises globally across all industries and verticals.

Oracle OpenWorld is Oracle’s flagship event and the largest conference for Oracle customers, technologists, business decision-makers, IT management and line-of-business end users. It  attracted some 60,000 visitors in 2017. 


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