Arkane Selected by Imec Accelerator as the Blockchain Startup to Tackle Mainstream Adoption

WILLEBROEK, BELGIUMMay 29 2019Blockchain Wire
Arkane Selected by Imec Accelerator as the Blockchain Startup to Tackle Mainstream Adoption

Arkane has been working with Imec for a couple of months but now officially announce their participation in the Imec Accelerator program as 1 of the 6 new selected startups. While Arkane has been selected by a number of Accelerator programs they’ve chosen for a longer term partnership with Imec as it is renowned for its continued engagement with the startup team post-program and offers further advice on internationalization and coaching on how to transition to scale-up most efficiently.

About Arkane

The company is building a platform to make blockchain adoption easy for enterprises. With support for 7+ blockchains and robust APIs, the team fills the need to make blockchain integration in today’s businesses a breeze. The platform currently supports 10+ client applications and is used to securely connect enterprise, user and blockchain without any friction. Kind of like PayPal, but for blockchain.

The services are primarily being cultivated in the gaming industry but with their recent addition of tZero’s Raj Karkara, the team sees a market entry in FinTech and capital markets.

About imec.istart

imec.istart is named as 1 of the world’s 10 best programs in the European ScaleUp Reports by Sirris, remaining a real stronghold among big players such as Y-Combinator, Techstars, 500 Startups, Seedcamp, and Microsoft Accelerator.

Some significant figures since the beginning of imec.istart in 2011:

- 168 businesses supported through imec.istart.
- 84% continuation rate of all supported businesses. 13 start-ups exited through acquisition and/or management buy-out; 27 stopped their activities.
- Over 800 jobs created by imec.istart companies in total.
- Over 100M € revenue by all imec.istart’ers in total.
- Nearly 40 scale-ups since entering the program as a start-up.
- Over 80 have international sales with customers abroad.

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