AnRKey X Announces the Launch of m$ports: Where DeFi, eSports, and NFTs Collide

SINGAPOREOct 12 2020Blockchain Wire
AnRKey X Announces the Launch of m$ports: Where DeFi, eSports, and NFTs Collide
Blockchain startup AnRKey X™ has officially launched from 3 months of stealth to announce a new industry coined m$ports that will merge the best of what DeFi, eSports, and Web 3 NFTs have to offer. As a new gaming genre, m$sports (short for Money Sports) will introduce a gaming platform that will allow players to use highly gamified DeFi liquidity mining mechanisms with NFTs.

The Ethereum-based protocol will host all games on its proprietary Decentralized Gaming Platform Exchange (gDEX). The first game to market will be titled Battle Wave 2323™ and will allow players to compete in virtual teams to see who can earn the highest APY through gamified liquidity mining and NFT staking and trading.
Founded by JD Salbego, a recognized blockchain entrepreneur and speaker, AnRKey X™ was inspired by a history of working in the entertainment and tech industries and the recent innovations around DeFi yield farming. The DeFi boom of 2020 confirmed that crypto users enjoy gamified platforms and leveraging game theory to balance risk/reward in the hunt for large profits. They also have shown a real appreciation for digital art, as seen by the increased popularity of NFT collectibles trading.
Salbego explains, “The blockchain industry by its nature has catered to gamers and tech savvy users since its inception in 2009. DeFi has proven that these skills can be used effectively to earn yield through game theory and an understanding of markets. AnRKey X™ was built with the user in mind, both from a perspective of entertainment and profitability for the winners of each game. We are excited to announce more about the project in upcoming weeks as we come to market.”

AnRKey X™ is led by a team of seasoned blockchain entrepreneurs, influencers, and advisors. The Singaporean company has leveraged a global team to build loyal communities throughout Asia, one of its primary target markets, as well as in the west. The company is expected to release more information on its upcoming games and partners soon.

About AnRKey X

At AnRKey X™ three worlds merge, all powered by the company’s native $ANRX ERC20 Arcade Coin. AnRKey X™ has invented a brand new industry fueled by DeFi, eSports, and Web 3.0 NFTs with groundbreaking potential called m$ports™ - the first company to accomplish this innovation.

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